Volunteers are the heart of communities

Every year, on December 5, we celebrate International Volunteer Day. For us, it is a day of gratitude and joy. It has been more than seven years since the activities of our programs could not have been carried out without the wonderful volunteers who have made a profession of faith out of giving their time, energy, knowledge and goodwill to those people who need it so much – the beneficiaries of the programs run by the Adina Stiftelsen Foundation.

We have turned this day into a celebration, for volunteers and organizations, of the efforts they have made throughout the year, but also the best opportunity to share with others the values they cherish and to promote the work done within the community. To enjoy this extremely important day together, we invited our volunteers to Adina Home, the people without whom we would not have been able to have so many extraordinary results.

As we had all these incredible people in our home and observed their interactions, all of us, the entire ASF team, had a moment of revelation that came in the form of profound gratitude.

Why? Because all our programs developed through SEE grants – Open Kindergarten, Home Start, V13, Empo are based on volunteering and are carried out with the help of volunteers. Even the Afterschool Program, starting in 2020, runs solely because of these warm-hearted, dedicated, exceptional people.

Our team mainly has the role of organization, coordination, competence transfer and financing, the practical implementation being impossible without the contribution of volunteers. These results were achieved through a lot of work, by gaining the trust of the communities, inspiring people, showing them that they can change their lives for the better.

Everything we have been able to achieve is due to the total involvement of our hearty volunteers, whether they are educators or teachers in schools, foundation board members, Norwegian partners – entities or individuals –, many beneficiaries of our programs who later became volunteers – because, right?, who knows better than them how important volunteering is – and to all the people in the communities who joined us with enthusiasm and dedication especially after 2014.

2021 was by far the most demanding year for us, but it was also the most fruitful. Its ending is a fulfilling one and we thank the 77 volunteers involved in all our activities throughout the year and are extremely grateful for the more than 2,000 volunteer hours given.

The project “From Pupil To Employee. Advocacy and Training for Youth and Women at Risk in Dolj county” is carried out by the Adina Stiftelsen Foundation in partnership with Adina Stiftelsen Bergen and Stiftelsen Kirkens Bymisjon Bergen, with the financial support of Active Citizens Fund Romania, program funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants 2014–2021.


The Adina Stiftelsen Foundation is a non-governmental, apolitical organization active in the field of social welfare, established as an independent legal entity in 2004. The Adina Stiftelsen Foundation is accredited as a provider of social services and is active in the provision of educational services to prevent school dropouts in rural areas of Dolj county.


All children and young people in vulnerable situations to become active and independent members of society.


We train people through holistic approach constantly providing them with educational support - non-formal integrated educational programs, based on skills and talents - from kindergarten to the labor market, through the development of skills and competences.


Responsibility: make a priority of the individual needs of vulnerable children, young people and women
Non-discrimination: we are all one
Professionalism: we have expertise and experience and we benefit from the know-how of the best professionals in education
Respect for diversity and human dignity


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